Recent Events

Brookvale Park Community Funday 24th July
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Saturday 21st May 2011 – Restoring the Rosebeds
Check out the below images, these have not been tampered with. They actually show some people, who you may not expect, hard at work.  A big thanks to everyone who helped out, the rosebeds look fantastic!  It made a pleasant to see our local neighbourhood PCSO’s Wayne and Ian mucking in and getting some proper work done!

Saturday 30th April 2011 – Brookvale Park Funday.

Excellent weather, superb turnout and a good time had by all.  Thanks to all who attended and for your continued support, it was fantastic to see the community united using the park and enjoying it. A few troublemakers attempted to spoil the proceedings by taking a couple of the circus style bikes.  Paul Green, the eagle eyed Chair of the friends of Brookvale Park spotted the troublemakers the following day on the bikes and called in the local Neighbourhood Policing team who arrested the offenders and recovered the bikes!

Below are some pictures of the event;

 6th May 2011 – Simon Hensley and John Street venture onto the lake!





Saturday 14th May 2011


Paul Green (Chair of FOBP) and Sergeant Simon Hensley (the Stockland Green Neighbourhood Sergeant) attended the ‘Spring into Spring’ event being hosted at the circle in Perry Common to promote use of green open spaces.  Our stall showcased some of the excellent work that we are doing on Brookvale Park and also feature our big plans for the summer!



The kayak served as an excellent climbing apparatus for the younger children and a source of fascination for the older children, all however were captivated by the though of being able to go for a paddle in the near future on their local lake!


A great day was had by all and the weather held out too! It was fantastic to see so many people genuinely excited at the prospect of learning to kayak.


We also started giving out our new business cards to start to promote this website!