Below is some history behind our beautiful park, if you are able to contribute to this section please contact us.

1086 – In the Doomsday Book the park area was known as Hardintone, Peter de Hardintone and his family held this until 1467.

Erdington fell within the boundary of the Royal Sutton Forest within the larger area of Estone (Aston) this was given to William Fitz Ansculf who in turn gave the area to Thomas de Erdinton

1100’s – In the 12th century Erdington fell within the parish of Aston, which covered 23 square miles.

1126 – Henry 1st exchanged the manor of Sutton and two forests in Rutland.  Sutton then became a Chase as only Royal forests could be called forests.

1826 – Waterworks company formed to supply water to the inhabitants of Birmingham

1856 – On the 20th July the Waterworks company aquired the Brookvale site from Wyerly Birch for £3600 the site was then known as lower Witton Reservoir.

1876 – Birmingha Corporation brought the waterworks company.

1894 – Erdington became an Urban District Council

1905 – Urban District Council purchased Rookery House as council offices the land of the site soon became Erdington’s first park.

1909 – 7th October, Brookvale Park officially opened.

Early image of the lake showing the popularity of rowing boats.

The old boathouse which burnt down, it was previously used as a bandstand but later walls were added to the first floor.  The landing area can still be seen near the multi use games area and bowling green.

This image depicts the popularity of the lake in bygone times.

This is another feature that has disappeared, it is the old ‘jetty’